WhiteOptics® Reflector Film


WhiteOptics® offers the highest diffuse reflective films available today.  Our White97 and White98 Films offer 97 and 98 percent reflectance respectively and are both available with or without pressure sensitive adhesive backing. Our films are available in pre-cut sheets and rolls up to 52″ wide with flexible minimum order quantities.


Die Cutting

WhiteOptics® Reflectors Film can be laser and die-cut to form PCB reflectors, cavity liners or any 2D designs.  Unique and complex designs can be quickly accommodated.

Thermoformed and Molded Parts

WhiteOptics® offers thermoformed insert-able 3D reflectors for ease of use and complex geometries.  Rapid prototyping and 3D rendering are available.

 Product #DescriptionTotal Thickness
White97™ FilmF-2397% High diffuse Reflector Film0.016" (0.4 mm)
F-23A(with adhesive and removable liner)0.016" (0.4 mm)
White98™ FilmF-1698% High diffuse Reflector Film0.008" (0.21 mm)
F-16A(with adhesive and removable liner)0.008" (0.21 mm)

Environmental Durability(accelerated testing)
UV StabilityDoes not yellow with exposure to ultraviolet
1000 hours UVA (340nm), less than 0.5% reflectance change
1000 hours UVB (313nm), less than 0.5% reflectance change
Thermal Stability10,000 hours accelerated testing, UL RTI >100 C
Humidity Stability1000 hours @ 60°C, 95%RH, less than 0.5% reflectance change
Dirt DepreciationAntistatic, does not attract dust
Chemical ResistanceCompatible with most common cleaning solutions including dilute ammonia, soap solutions, Clorox® wipes, Pine-sol®, Formula 409® and dilute bleach

Details & Specifications Sheet:

WhiteOptics® Product Overview.pdf

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