WhiteOptics® Micro-Structured Film

WhiteOptics® Glare Reduction Film


WhiteOptics® micro-structured conical prismatic film provides efficient glare control for light over 60 degrees while increasing on-axis intensity. These films revolutionize LED lighting control by efficiently increasing center angle output while “cutting-off” high angle light; effectively reducing high angle glare in the same manner as a traditional deep cell parabolic louver, but within a thin microstructure!

WhiteOptics® glare reduction film is currently available in two designs – DFGR1 and the DFGR2 and can be purchased in rolls, pre-cut sheets, custom die parts, or acrylic-bonded sheets.

Glare Control Film Effect on Viewing Angle for Diffused Light Source


WhiteOptics® Micro-structured Diffusors DF30, 60, and 90


WhiteOptics® micro-structured diffusion materials offer additional unique possibilities in advanced lighting design. Diffusers work hand-in-hand with the WhiteOptics® reflectors to maximize light output with LED image hiding in cavity-mixing, back-lit designs and edge-lit designs.

WhiteOptics offers 3 standard circular diffusion angles. The 30, 60 and 90 degree patterns offer increasing diffusion with high efficiency.

Typical Distribution Linear Fixture

Typical Distribution Linear Fixture

WhiteOptics® Split Diffusion Film

The innovative DF 120-20 Split Diffusion Optics structure creates a “batwing” optical distribution by combining a 120 degree beam split optic with 20 degrees diffusion.

The DF 120-20 can be used in linear lighting where uniform distribution with reductions to center hot-spot intensity is desired.  Additional beam split and diffusion amounts are possible, please contact your WhiteOptics’ Representative for more information.

WhiteOptics® 70° x 2° Elliptical Diffusor

image004The DF7002 is a 70° x 2° elliptical diffusor microstructure that can be used to uniformly diffuse linear LED sources without affecting off-axis optical distribution. This creates a highly efficient asymmetrical diffusion that can be used in combination with linear, cove, wall wash, LED T-8 and other specialty applications.

**All are available in roll, pre-cut sheets, custom die-cut parts, and bonded to rigid acrylic sheets.




Technical Data Sheet:

Micro-Diffusion Film Technical Data Sheet.pdf

WhiteOptics® Product Overview.pdf

WhiteOptics® Micro-Structured Optics Film-DF7002.pdf

WhiteOptics® Split Diffusion Film.pdf

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