WhiteOptics® Metal


WhiteOptics® Metal composite reflectors and fixture housings allow improved lighting efficiency in large LED lighting designs and linear fluorescent fixtures.

White98Metal offers the highest diffuse, highest reflectance (98%) metal available in coils up to 48” wide custom slit or in cut-to-length sheets.  Sheets can be formed in all standard metal forming processes including punching, press brake, and die forming.

White96Metal now offers additional high, diffuse high reflectance (96%) options for lighting designs requiring reduced cost and/or more complex metal forming processes.  This new material is available on steel and aluminum enabling optimum performance in a full range of energy efficient lighting designs.

 Product #SubstrateSurface TypeTotal Thickness
WhiteOptics™ MetalM16A2

Aluminum Diffuse 0.019" (0.48 mm)
M16A6 Aluminum Diffuse 0.023" (0.58 mm)
M16F8 Steel Diffuse 0.024” (0.61mm)
M16F6 Steel Diffuse 0.034” (0.86mm)
M17A2 Aluminum Diffuse GEN 3 0.016" (0.40 mm)
M17A6 Aluminum Diffuse GEN 3 0.020" (0.50 mm)
M17F8 Steel Diffuse GEN 3 0.020" (0.50 mm)
M17F6 Steel Diffuse GEN 3 0.030” (0.76mm)
Environmental Durability(accelerated testing)
UV StabilityDoes not yellow with exposure to ultraviolet
1000 hours UVA (340nm), less than 0.5% reflectance change
1000 hours UVB (313nm), less than 0.5% reflectance change
Thermal Stability10,000 hours accelerated testing, UL RTI >100 C
Humidity Stability1000 hours @ 60°C, 95%RH, less than 0.5% reflectance change
Dirt DepreciationAntistatic, does not attract dust
Chemical ResistanceCompatible with most common cleaning solutions including dilute ammonia, soap solutions, Clorox® wipes, Pine-sol®, Formula 409® and dilute bleach

Details & Specifications Sheet:

WhiteOptics® Product Overview.pdf


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