WhiteOptics® Launches New Micro-Structured Optics

WhiteOptics® Launches New Micro-Structured Optics

WhiteOptics® has created two new Micro-Structured Optics Films; the DF120-20 and the DF 7002:
The DF120-20 Split diffusion Optics structure creates a “batwing” optical distribution by combining a 120 degree beam split optic with 20 degrees diffusion. Additional beam split and diffusion amounts are possible. The DF7002 is a 70° x 2° elliptical diffusor microstructure that can be used to uniformly diffuse linear LED sources in without affecting off-axis optical distribution.
Both structures are available as an optical film or bonded to rigid acrylic sheet.

WhiteOptics® is excited to add these two highly efficient optical structures to our portfolio of innovative products.  For more information, please reach out to your WhiteOptics’ Representative or request samples through our website.

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