Retrofitting FAQs



What are WhiteOptics® Retrofit Kits and what is included?

WhiteOptics® Retrofit Kits are the highest performance lighting retrofit kits available.  The kit is designed to allow commercial lighting customers to modify their existing fluorescent light fixtures to reduce their energy consumption without compromising light levels. Each kit consists of a patented WhiteOptics® reflector panel, brackets, screws and easy to follow instructions.

How can they help me reduce my utility bills?

WhiteOptics® reflectors are made from a patented coating with technical features that allow it to reflect light better than any other material available.  The WhiteOptics® coating is highly diffuse AND highly reflective (97% or greater).  The high reflectance allows more of the light to actually exit the fixture, thereby requiring fewer lamps or watts to achieve the same light output.  The highly diffuse nature of the coating helps scatter the light in multiple directions simultaneously creating a more uniform and more pleasing distribution of light. Generally, a fixture can be “de-lamped” by half the number of lamps with no noticeable difference in light output.

What are the other benefits?

The highly diffuse nature of the WhiteOptics® reflectors will help eliminate glare, “hot spots” or lamp “stripes” that are often associated with the older technology painted white or specular reflectors. Reducing the number of lamps per fixture also has the additional benefit of reducing the number of replacement lamps required to keep on hand. De-lamping generally lowers the heat output associated with the fixture as well by approximately 15%, which can help lower cooling bills and extend the lifetime of the fixture itself. WhiteOptics® reflectors are also anti-static and resist dust build-up.  Traditional painted white or specular reflectors quickly collect dust that degrades the optical performance.

How are they installed?

WhiteOptics® reflector kits are easy to install.  Installation time is generally between 5-15 minutes per fixture depending on the technicians experience with the fixture and the process.  The process includes the following steps:

1. Remove old ballast (only if replacing T12s with thinner lamps)
2. Install new ballast (again, only if replacing T12s)
3. Wire and Install WhiteOptics® socket bars (self tapping tek screws   included) you can drill into the side of the fixture or ceiling..
4. Snap in WhiteOptics® reflector
5. Remove protective film
6. Install new lamps

Can I get a rebate from my utility?

Most utilities in metropolitan areas offer rebates for energy efficiency projects like this.  Check with your local area utility for details.  In some markets, incentives can cover the full cost of the retrofit kit and the installation!

More detail is available at:

Do I need to replace the ballast as well?

If you are conducting a T12 to T8 conversion project, the retrofit will require new ballast.  T12’s and their WWII era ballasts are being extinguished and T12s will no longer be available as replacement lamps.  The ballasts supporting the T12s are highly inefficient and are often plagued by the trademark “hum”.  Replacing T12 ballasts and lamps with the more efficient T8’s will reduce hum as well as reduce your ongoing maintenance and replacement costs.  The new ballasts generally retail for $15-20. If you are de-lamping from 4 lamps to two with lamps other than T12s, new ballast is generally not required.

Do the kits come with shunted sockets?

WhiteOptics® Retrofit Kits come standard with shunted sockets, which are generally used for the most common Instant Start ballasts. Unshunted sockets are required for Program Start or Rapid Start ballasts.  Unshunted sockets are available at no additional charge provided they are requested at the time of order.  Please be sure to verify your ballast start type prior to ordering to ensure socket bar and ballast conformity.

How safe are WhiteOptics® retrofit kits?

WhiteOptics® retrofit kits are CSA certified to UL standards.  The unique bracket design is CSA and UL approved for “No wire guard requirement.”

How should the reflectors be cleaned?

WhiteOptics® reflectors are anti-static and therefore resist dust build-up much better than other surfaces.  Occasional cleaning may be done as desired with a non-abrasive rag or sponge using mild, common household cleaners (409, ZEP, Simple Green) or diluted ammonia or bleach.

How can I place an order?

Please contact WhiteOptics® at (302) 476-2055 to place an order.

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