Retrofit Savings

Maximize your financial returns and environmental benefits by retrofitting with WhiteOptics® Reflectors

Our patented technology enhances light output—even while de-lamping—to deliver the best return on your retro! tting investment.

Financial illustration of a typical lighting retrofit project.

Lighting Retrofit for Cost and Energy Savings: Open Office Space 
Number of fixtures3,000
Area cover per fixture (sq ft)80
Office space (sq ft)240,000
Operating hours/year:4,200
Fixture life span (years)15
Electricity cost ($/Kwh)$0.12

Replace 4-lamp 32W T8 troffers with 2-lamp 32W T8 WhiteOptics® Retrofit kits  
Up-front InvestmentPer Fixture Building
Hardware $20 $60,000
Labor $20 $60,000
Total $40 $120,000

Return on Investment  
Annual Electricity Savings $28.39 $85,170
Simple payback, months (pre-incentives) 17
Seven year net profit (pre-incentives) $158.73 $476,190
Project IRR 244%
Utility Rebate available in many markets $20 $60,000
Simple payback, months (with rebate) 8.5
Net Year One Gain $8.39 $25,170
Seven year net profit $173.73 $521,190

EPAct tax reduction incentives of $25-$48 per fixture may also be applicable.


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