Our Products

WhiteOptics® offers a comprehensive line of optical films, composites and advanced coatings to maximize optical efficiency for use in new luminaires as well as high performance retrofit solutions.

WhiteOptics® Reflectors Film

Line fixture cavities or LED boards with our versatile 97%+ high diffuse reflectance films, with or without adhesive backings. Custom die cutting or thermoforming enables increased light output in any fixture design.









WhiteOptics® Metal

Our 97% and 98% high diffuse reflectance coatings are available on steel or aluminum coils. Custom slitting, shaping, punching and die cutting creates unique high performance reflectors for use in the most efficient luminaires.

Advanced Coatings

Our proprietary spray coating process allows us to turn your discrete parts of any shape into 96% high diffuse reflectance lighting components. Ask us how your uniquely shaped reflectors and our coatings can together enhance fixture efficiency. Information on custom lens coatings are also available upon request at inquiries@whiteoptics.com.

Micro-Structured Film

Our micro-diffusion film series offers additional unique possibilities in advanced light design. Diffusers work hand-in-hand with WhiteOptics® reflectors to maximize light output with control in cavity mixing a back-lit designs.

Retrofit Solutions

Our full range of retrofit solutions provide energy savings solutions with little up front cost and a high return on investment.

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