Lowest Cost Per Lumen Delivered

Lining fixture cavities with WhiteOptics® enables both the lowest manufacturing cost and the lowest operating cost per lumen delivered in a variety of applications. Our high diffuse reflectance films, metals and advanced coatings maximize the usable, exiting light from each fixture. Our high diffuse reflectance blends lamp images and obscures “dots” or “stripes” while minimizing glare and the need for lens diffusion.

Fixture designers and manufacturers can leverage WhiteOptics® to maximize optical efficiency:

  • Reduce the number of LEDs or lamps required to obtain target light levels
  • Use lower wattage LEDs or lamps and/or ballast factor
  • Use higher transmission diffusion lens

Direct Lighting Case Study

LED ExampleCavity Reflector
- % Reflectance
PCB Overlay
- % Reflectance
(Total watts and lumens)
Diffusion Lens
- % Transmission
Lumens DeliveredLumens Delivered
- per watt
Baseline87%80%17 watts/1766 lumens80%151989
White98®98%98%17 watts/1766 lumens80%165097
White98®98%98%17 watts/1766 lumens90%1746103
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