Applications for OEMs

WhiteOptics® high diffuse, high reflectance Films, Metals and Advanced Coatings allow unique design approaches in all lighting applications.

WhiteOptics® materials can be incorporated into energy efficient SSL luminaries to:

  • Maximize light reflection, output and brightness.
  • Use fewer LEDs and/or lower wattage LEDs, lowering overall system costs and extending luminaire lifetime by reducing system temperature.
  • Improve uniformity of light distribution, eliminating “dots” and glare for better overall optical aesthetics.



WhiteOptics® high diffuse reflections efficiently recycles the light backscattered off of lenses and cavity walls.





WhiteOptics® high diffuse reflection enables indirect lighting applications with high efficiency, minimal hot spots and uniform light distribution.







Use of WhiteOptics® as a backplane reflector in edge-lit lighting, display and signage applications will improve brightness as much as 30% over standard white surfaces through efficient reflection and extraction of light as the light guided interlace.

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